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The Worm Moon Table has a cool throwback vibe. Topside, the warm shine of the circular steel is engulfed by a 4” band of thin strips of reclaimed 88 yr. old Douglas Fir wood glued together through the meticulous process of bent wood lamination. You can see the 34 layers of wood laminated together to create the bend that allows the table its circular shape. It sits on a refinished vintage 70's tulip base.


Sometimes materials seem to have a life of their own. In this case, a chemical reaction between the finishing oil and the imbedded steel residue aptly leaches into a "worming" pattern.


This table is the first of four in the Full Moon Collection. More coming through 2020.

Dimensions & Specs

Height: 19" (48 cm.)

Diameter (top): 32" (100cm) 

Materials: Reclaimed, solid Douglas Fir and steel


Price: $3,000.00 (plus shipping)

To enquire about purchasing the Worm Moon Table, please contact me.

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